The Effects of Trauma on a Relationship

Do you have unresolved trauma that's affecting your relationships? Are you looking for ways to help and not hurt, reach out for help, or know when to let go? Then this podcast is for you! I was invited to be a guest on The Healing Place Podcast, hosted by Brianna Headon, the pastor of United In Christ Ministry. Breanna is...[ read more ]

Some Thoughts

Dearest Clients, If we’re not breathing, we’re not living. We can stop thinking and we can stop talking and we’ll keep living, but if we aren’t breathing, game over.  What are you thinking about? Do you like the thoughts running through your mind? We can choose thoughts that make us feel better.  This is mindfulness and it’s healing.  While we...[ read more ]

Fast Blood

Hello Wonderful Ones, Do you experience a racing heartbeat or tightness in your chest when you read the news, hear a pandemic story, or realize you have to home school your 3 children for the rest of the school year?  I do. This happens because of our sympathetic nervous system. When our brain senses a threat, it triggers the fight-or-flight...[ read more ]

I have a story to tell you!

Hello beautiful clients, What does an emergency room nurse and a bobcat have in common? Well, me of course! This is my husband. Another day “at the office,” so to speak. And now let me tell you the story of my “near death” experience with the bobcat. Prior to this I was very worried about Covid-19. Our family is at...[ read more ]

How can I support you right now?

Dear wonderful clients, I know a lot of you are spending more time at home over the next few weeks. As ‘am I. I am mainly working remotely and it is proving challenging and stressful on a number of levels. We are all figuring it out and trying to manage day-by-day. What to do, what not to do, how to...[ read more ]

Happy Spring!

Another seasonal email/update coming your way! Hi First, thank you for helping/supporting me in moving my business in the direction of phone coaching via your continued work with me, your referrals, and your word of mouth mentions. I recognize it was a hard transition for some of you, but It feels SO good for me to work from home and...[ read more ]

Something is knocking. Is it change?

Life presents us with hurdles. Problems and difficult encounters are impossible to avoid. Yet, these tough times in our lives also present the greatest opportunities for inner personal growth. Personal growth implies change. Change is not always easy. How do we learn to embrace change and widen into new horizons? Encountering and navigating difficult circumstances is usually painful. It is...[ read more ]

Blessed With Stress

Life without stress is not possible. Yet, when we feel overly stressed our health and ability to function effectively is compromised. Since we cannot eliminate stress, we can learn to manage it, so we don't feel overwhelmed. We can even learn to use stress beneficially. Stress can work for us. Many of us work best under a deadline. We enjoy...[ read more ]

Spirituality and Its Place in Healing Trauma.

*Trauma defined as: Deeply distressing or disturbing experience. *Spirituality defined as: The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. Most of the people coming in to see me say they want to change the way they feel. For many people what this means is that they want to be healed...[ read more ]

Moving From The Past To The Present

A mindfulness exercise to bring you into the present. Some of my clients find the exercise of, “Stop Talking About Your Past”, to be incredibly helpful. So, if you’re wanting to take on a task for next month in honor of lady spring who is about to bless us with her beauty, then you could try taking on the task...[ read more ]
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