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I travel the world finding new places to call home. I currently live in the UK. I grew up without a father and found him when I was 18 years old. He’s British. I am dual citizen. I was raised by a gypsy mother, and the thrill of home-less-ness lives in my blood. I crave the open road; I live for adventure. I have 3 daughters. My life has not been without intense struggle, none of our lives are, but that being said, I believe that life can feel like magic.


My Education & Experience

I began my graduate work in 2002. I imagined a path of International Social Work. I’ve travelled the world, and lived everywhere, and my dreams of working globally were big. However, an unintended pregnancy, single parenting, child custody battles, a second marriage, more children, and some family trauma resulting in the tragic death of my brother informed a very different life path for me. This new path involved a deep and still evolving process of working diligently to understand myself and the choices I’ve made in this lifetime. I needed to understand my patterns and belief systems that kept me cycling in and out of trauma. I was tired of relationship struggles and a stagnation that felt never-ending. I had to come to understand how I could make peace with the sudden unexpected changes life delivers and live a life of deep peace, deep knowing, and secure trust in myself, despite tragedy and encountering the unexpected. I came to this place via my own personal growth journey and that ultimately is what guided me to what I offer my clients now, Sacred Conversation. Sacred Conversation is when we intentionally chose to come together in a moment of our life to converse openly about where we are not functioning well. It’s an opening of ourselves to another. To be witnessed, and held, and honored, listened to and loved.

I work privately with clients and weave together the fields of coaching and psychotherapy. I am dedicated to the process of helping others find peace amongst the rubble and rebuild one intentional brick at a time. I want others to understand that we are all driven by our unconscious drivers and understanding this is where the power to affect change in our lives happens. We are all connected to something greater than us, and it is in this remembering that often what ails us most is soothed and comforted.

In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist; I am certified as a Parent Coach; Certified as a Health Coach; Certified in PACT as a Couples Therapist; Certified as a level II EMDR Therapist; Certified as a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner. Currently training in Human Design. I study esoterica, spiritual science, astrology, tarot, and spend a great deal of time in meditation and yoga practice.

My work is not traditional psychotherapy and it’s not prescriptive coaching. It’s creative, it’s an art form. When I work with clients, I see a human being and whole person. I treat the person, not the problem. I don’t see problems, I see unlimited potential.

What our clients have to say

“You are the right combination of practical, therapeutic and spiritual. You practice in a multip dimensional way that is on par and truly amazing"

-A. A.

“Laurel was an immense help after my divorce and heartbreak. I went through different stages and emotions and Laurel guided me through it all. I had a hard time processing my grief and the seemingly never ending actions of my former partner. She gave me fresh perspective on the events and suggested tools to reconnect with myself and who I wanted to be in the next phase of my life. My work with Laurel has been one of the most powerful elements in my life! Thank you Laurel!”

-Diana W

“I started working with Laurel in 2020 when I realized I was living a life I didn’t quite fit into. I was in a marriage, living in a town I grew up in, and friends I didn’t really connect with. I started working with Laurel to help me navigate this. I ended up getting divorced, moving, and now have a really small group of amazing people in my life who I connect with deeply. I had never done therapy before and so grateful I found Laurel at the time I did. She helped me navigate these huge life decisions and was a sounding board to these big changes. I still work with Laurel today and am grateful for her insight, compassion, understanding, and support.”


“Laurel helped me when the bottom fell out of my marriage. I switched to her when my therapist had a dear in the headlights look as I told her about the affair and lies that I had pieced together. My heart broken, my body stuck in fear (with so much stress I lost 15 lbs and everyone in town wanted to buy me a hamburger), my mind circling with anxiety about what this meant for my two young kids and my dreams of being a mom. How could I be a good enough mom now? I sought out Laurel to help me fall apart, ground, and then rebuild. I cried and screamed in the safe spaces she created both in person and online. I unpacked my family history and took ownership of my parts in the marriage and contributed to it failing. My goal was not to numb out, to find my compass, my voice, to be my best self”

-Katie M

“I cannot express enough gratitude for Laurel. Her wisdom and knowledge helped me find courage and clarity to move through my divorce and raising my teen alone. At a pivotal point in my life she gave me tools beyond what I thought I needed, to not just survive the transition but to thrive through it. She is raw and real and so relatable, yet with more talent and intuition than anyone I know. A great teacher in how to walk this life well.”

-Krisit C

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