Are You Resistant to Therapy?

Hi there, Many of us have a love-hate relationship with therapy. My marriage has had this too! Here's our cycle...What's yours? We fight. We say we should go to therapy. We text our therapist. We take a week, which turns into two or three or four months to actually schedule an appointment. Then we fight again. This time it's critical. We text our therapist and get in the next day. Something about a sense of urgency triggers immediate action, can you relate? Our session is GREAT. We're back on track. Woohoo, we love each other again! Onwards. We ride the wave of connection that reemerged in our session for quite awhile. That fizzles. We fight, back again in the cycle... EXHAUSTING! So, what's the magic wand here? What's the missing piece? Constant, ongoing, frequent couples work will refuel your relationship and cut through the drama cycles before you're running on empty and looking for the nearest exit door. Your relationships are growing, evolving, and changing constantly; nurture them with a commitment to keep them alive. Love you all, ~L ps. Click here if you want to read more on this topic.