Blessed With Stress

Life without stress is not possible. Yet, when we feel overly stressed our health and ability to function effectively is compromised. Since we cannot eliminate stress, we can learn to manage it, so we don't feel overwhelmed. We can even learn to use stress beneficially. Stress can work for us. Many of us work best under a deadline. We enjoy focusing our concentration in an intense way and the resulting satisfaction of achieving a milestone. This is also the case in athletics where we seek the experience of engaging with and riding the stress. These are examples of applying stress with a beneficial result. We get better at managing what comes at us, whether it's climbing a higher peak, running faster or farther, managing the dreaded family dinner hour, or coping with too much responsibility. Moderate stress can function beneficially in situations where we choose to drive ourselves forward. Too much stress causes a kind of pressure that makes us feel out of control. Few of us can function well when we are overwhelmed. Sustained stress drains our creative energy and can ultimately affect our health. Our feelings of safety and well-being are diminished. In some circumstances we can choose to eliminate things that are exerting too much pressure. But in many cases, it is simply not possible to eliminate the stress factors. How do we learn to mitigate these situations? We cannot eliminate all difficulties from our lives. Increasing our ability to manage them is possible. Meeting stress consciously with mindfulness and intention develops resilience. Working with a therapist can help you develop capacities and create strategies to overcome the negative effects of stress. Therapeutic life coaching offers tools to support you in finding your inner balance. Stress can be a beautiful thing, however our relationship to it often covers up its hidden gifts. Let’s uncover them together. xoxo L - Interested in scheduling or contacting me?  Click Here.