Happy Spring!

Another seasonal email/update coming your way! Hi First, thank you for helping/supporting me in moving my business in the direction of phone coaching via your continued work with me, your referrals, and your word of mouth mentions. I recognize it was a hard transition for some of you, but It feels SO good for me to work from home and to be able to feel a bit more location-independent. I feel so much healthier mentally doing part-time phone coaching and part-time in-office. I feel a BIG difference, and energetically it is so sound and true to my mission and vision.  Thank you for staying the course with me and allowing me to support your beautiful journey, and thank for supporting mine! Something new you may notice when booking is that there are both in-office sessions available and phone sessions. Please be careful when booking and don’t accidentally book a phone call when you wanted in-office! Please let me know if you run into any issues when booking. I am always want to hear you run into any glitches or hiccups.  I want it to be as seamless and easy for you as possible, and often times I don't even know if there is something that isn't working! Please send all emails and inquiries to laurelsole@gmail.com.  What else have I been up to? Well, a lot. I unfortunately fell on ice in November and broke my wrist, requiring surgery and a ridiculous and long recovery process. (Still major dexterity issues!) My husband had his third heart surgery and they found an arrhythmia they did not know he had. He’s working through some big feels about this. I changed my last name… Mulholland is gone and the new last name is Solé… Not going to go into why here, but if you’re curious ask me next time we connect, happy to share! This leads me to another development which is that you will be re-routed from www.laurelmulholland.com to www.laurelsole.com. PLEASE book through www.laurelsole.com and save this site (eventually www.laurelmulholland.com will not be renewed and disappear into the internet ethers…) The new site will be live in the next day or so! Yippee! I have been diving deep into some continuing education on the vagus nerve, attachment, and trauma. There is an epic amount of new research out there in the neuroscience field and I gobble it up daily. It is all helping me be a better support to my clients with a unique style and edge in my therapeutic coaching work. I am always so excited to be able to take these skills and perfect my craft as well as your experience with me.  Somehow, I manage to love what I do more and more each day. I also took a part time clinical director position for a sex trafficking/human trafficking and exploitation organization in Denver. They needed someone to help clinically and this felt totally in line with the intersection of my previous social work life and my current clinical work. SO, I'm busy and totally loving being in the world and out from behind the quiet little isolated world of North Boulder! Hello big beautiful interesting and ever-challenging world! I hope you all are enjoying this cusp of spring and that this email was helpful. Thank you as always for all of your love and support over all these years! Tons of love, always! Laurel