I Pray. Do you?

I pray because prayer brings me into reflection on the choices I am making and on the ways I am being. We are all responsible for governing our inner choices. While in prayer I reflect on the thoughts I have had lately towards myself and outwards towards the world and those in it. I reflect on the choices I am going to make, or I have made. At the end of the day, things I say and actions I take will have set other things in motion, the cycle of life keeps on continuing and I am a contributor to that. Prayer helps me remember that. man praying at dusk outdoorsThe mystical laws are the ones that govern our soul and our choices. They are reflected in the ‘laws of science’ and it is prayer that bends the laws of nature on our behalf. The ordinary mortal calls it a miracle. We have to make our soul strong and prayer makes our soul strong. I pray to be a conduit. I pray to balance this impossibly imbalanced world. There are psychic free radicals destined to create destructive events on this earth, so I pray for that shit not to happen. I pray because I understand that there is never any harm in praying for another human, for a suffering world, and a down trodden political climate. I do not believe prayer belongs to religion or a belief in God, I believe it just exists, use it if it speaks to you. Kind thoughts are prayers and loving acts are prayers. Making choices with conscience and consciousness is prayer. There are so many people suffering and so many people in anguish. I don’t know why their lives are the way they are, but I am going to pray for them. I will pray that their suffering does not break their spirit. Whatever grief is going through them, I will pray it is relieved soon. I will provide 20 minutes of grace today for our divine mother earth, raped and pillaged everyday and still shining in her endless beauty. I trust my prayer for grace will be distributed as needed. I will pray for peace.
“Allow me the grace and counsel to make choices with absolute consciousness, because I don’t know where the wheels I am about to start in motion will change, or where they will stop, or who they will ultimately touch” ~Carolyn Myss.
Xoxo Laurel ps. I support you and circle loving arms around you, and wish you eternal blessings.

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