Infidelity: Can Couples Move Past It?

The effect infidelity has on a relationship is devastating and crippling. In fact, it can shatter even the strongest of relationship.  When someone you love betrays your trust, you may feel consumed by anger, despair, and betrayal. But if you really love the person, an affair isn’t enough reason to end your relationship. Your marriage has a good chance of surviving the affair if you both make a commitment to follow these strategies. Spend more time together More often than not, people cheat because they feel that there is something lacking in their relationship – it could be intimacy, sex or an intelligent conversation. They want someone to flatter them, to pay attention to them or be attracted to them. One of the ways couples can heal from infidelity is to learn how to become more emotionally intimate. Spend time together and do things together. Develop a deeper level of emotional intimacy in the relationship. Build trust An affair is undoubtedly the ultimate form of betrayal. But no matter what happened in your marriage, you need to find a way to forgive your partner and learn trust him/her again. That is the only way to fully recover from this event. After all, how can your marriage survive without trust? It is possible for a couple to put the cloud of an affair behind them. Start by taking responsibility for your actions and learn from your mistakes. Show your partner that you’re willing to do whatever it takes gain back his/her trust. They key is to stop secrecy and build a more honest union. Get help Dealing with infidelity requires a level of emotional support. Support from family, friends or even a support group can help you deal with the infidelity in your relationship. If that doesn’t help, consider seeking professional help. A therapist can help you figure out how to put the pieces back together and help you build a more mutually satisfying relationship. Recommit to your relationship When you commit to mending the relationship, you must remain true to that course. Set aside anger and despair. Take the necessary steps to rebuild your relationship. I know it’s not going to be easy. In some cases, it may take years. But what’s important is that both of you are willing to put forth the necessary effort. To read more on Couples Counseling click here.