I'll take an order of the Happy Medium, with a dose of mediocrity, and a very small side of exceptionalism

If I am mediocre, I am okay with that. Are you?

Exceptional has become our way of life. We are told to settle for nothing less than the best! We esteem the CEO, yoga diva, vegan baker, paleo chef, 18% body fat, famous blogger turned famous speaker, turned Oprah Super Sunday guest speaker. Why are we now living with the idea that everything we do, and everything we are, is either top notch or mediocre? Why the constant framing of ourselves, and our lives, against an image of maximum perfection?

mediocrityWhen did exceptional become the expected norm?

I think its high time to get over it. And while we are at it, let’s just part ways with perfect. Perfect as in body, mother, wife, Christmas, vacation, birthday party, or packed lunch. Yep, I’m giving up exceptional and going for that Happy Medium! I am weaning myself off the notion that I need to be better, smarter, thinner, richer, or exceptional in any way. I am giving up the wish that my house and everything I do looks pinterest. The new version of my life is about the REALity of MY LIFE. I have good days, bad days, and maybe even a few exceptional days.

I am enough and I am full. I am full of that which makes me myself- the good, the bad, and the getting better.

Your life is enough. The slow, steadfast steps you make towards your self-determined goals for your own life are not mediocre. They are the core essentials of your life. The essentials of your life are the values you determine for yourself.

Let’s step up and reclaim the version of life we desire. Defined on our terms by our standards.

Our culture has duped us long enough and we have slipped into many ill-defined measures of success. How much money we make, where we vacation, how many likes on a photo, or the kind of car we drive are criteria for our success and sense of self-worth. Professional success is based on fame. How large an audience we reach, how big your email list has grown or how far our online presence extends determines our relevance and credibility in certain circles.

Is there a more intimate and authentic self that is getting lost in the cultural blur?

I am not like everybody else. I have always felt out of place, uncomfortable in my skin, out of my league, but what I realize is, I felt that way because I was playing the game how I believed it should be played. I am choosing my happy medium because I want to remember living my life for the right reasons- for the good reasons that allow me to feel FULL and myself in the best possible ways. I am learning to say to these cultural paradigms: “I am just me.” In my happy medium, I have a little cellulite because I can’t work out everyday or I got bad genetics, but whatever, it’s there. I have a messy house most days because, yep, life is messy. The world will continue to be a tantalizing advertisement for better, brighter, newer, shinier allurement. Its noisy, nosey intrusions on my life will continually harangue me with voices selling, convincing, probing, and competing for my attention. But I am tired of pursuing exceptional. The race was winning. I want me. I want my own life- not some one else’s version.

I feel full when I define my needs. I need spiritual connectedness without a guru, church or meditation group. I need great sex and long meaningful talks with my husband. I want fries with my burger and a green drink.

I feel full when I give myself permission to be in my life as it unfolds. Fullness is deep calm and steadfastness. Fullness is becoming kinder and more conscientious towards others in our community. The happy medium is not mediocrity. It is you- happy and embracing yourself and your life as it is and as you desire to create it. Stop the madness. Start living your beautiful Well Lived Life. Exceptional, mediocre or somewhere in between, I don’t care just, MAKE IT YOUR OWN. BE well, For more information on Life Coaching click here. ~L