My Perfect Client

Here’s to trying: Attempting to define my niche. Attempting to find my perfect client. I am not sure I know who my ideal clients are. I am not sure I can define my niche. But I do know trying to define this, causes me stress.   All the business courses say I need to, and all the marketing strategist claim it’s essential. After all, I am the professional shouldn’t I know who I want to work with? Shouldn’t I be able to define my niche so I can attract my ideal clients?

BTW, I hate that word. Niche. It’s limiting. It’s stupid. It’s boxy and controlling. I don’t want to fit in some professional’s niche and be ruled out by others based on come cerebral explanation of whom I am and what you do. No, thank you.

So, you might be asking, if she can’t define her niche how does she decide who she works with? How do people decide they want to work with her?

Here goes:

Bottom line…if I feel a heartfelt connection that is nichey enough for me. A heartfelt connection to another human is a gem moment. It’s sacred, and I feel there is only learning and growth that can come from moments when we are in heartfelt connection with others. So what woo woo meaning does heartfelt connection have anyway, you might be asking. It’s resonance. It’s the “I feel got” moment. And that… that’s unique, that’s a once in a lifetime experience for some folk. So women, men, human beings I work with all of you, but I ask one thing, if you don’t feel the heart connection, if you don’t feel “I really get you”, we nota good fit. I am not working within my niche. I leave that assessment up to you. Check your heart is it resonating because if the assessment rules we’re all good, here’s a little it about the work I do. If your experience with your self; with your body; with your partner; with your job; with your finances; with food; with your children; with your family of origin; feels painful, uncomfortable, dreadful, and unsatisfying and you really want to do something about it….Then I am your gal… Saddle up and let’s get to work. 7 I want to work with your longing to create deep and sustaining life change. I want to work with you because you are ready to plunge deep. I want to work with you because you are ready to think about… ~ divorce, NOPE doesn’t mean you’re gonna do it, but hey don’t most of think about it at some point? Yes, we do. Let’s sort that one out and look deeply at your relationships. I want to work with you because you are ready to talk about… ~job change… going back to school… and NOPE doesn’t mean you’re going to live on school loans and leave your six figure income, but hey let’s talk about lifestyle design and sort that one out. I want to work with you because you are ready to feel… ~At ease in your body, with your food choices, and empowered to make the changes you crave to make around health and wellness.  Doesn’t mean you’ll loose any weight or complete the Ironman, but it might mean you feel sexier in bed with your lover and ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. I want to work with you because you are ready to make habit change. You are ready to examine your habitual default modes and create change. You see where I am going with this?  I am not the therapist or coach or personal growth professional you should come to talk to; or to talk at; or to get psychoanalyzed. NOPE. I am interested in your heart. I am interested in heart based, soul depth restructuring that changes the neuropathways in your brain and the DNA in your cells. IMG_1974When we begin to think with our hearts there is a transformation that can occur in our lives that feels completely grounded in truth. Sometimes, absolutely nothing changes, the main characters and the plot stay the same, but our relationship to all of it transforms because finally, we’ve parked our brain and started thinking with our heart. This is the journey that I want to take you on. By going through this journey you will discover truths about yourself that will inform the choices you make, you will understand your relationships better, and you will discover lightness and joy in your daily ongoings. To create this journey for you I draw from many disciplines; my formal training in western psychotherapy, psychodynamics, neuroscience, and attachment theory; my certification with the Transformational Coaching Method. Mindfulness meditation, EMDR, Healing Touch, and intuition. If you are looking for that one unique, well-designed transformative experience that will create a total breakthrough in the quality of your personal and professional life, then perhaps it’s no accident that you find yourself here. I would be thrilled to teach you the art and science of living well that is if you feel I am in your niche of helping professionals. ;) Be well Learn more about Life Coaching here. ~Laurel