Some Thoughts

Dearest Clients, If we’re not breathing, we’re not living. We can stop thinking and we can stop talking and we’ll keep living, but if we aren’t breathing, game over.  What are you thinking about? Do you like the thoughts running through your mind? We can choose thoughts that make us feel better.  This is mindfulness and it’s healing.  While we are learning to think better let’s not forget to breathe. What are the words you’re speaking? Notice what you are saying. Notice how you are saying it. Do you like the words running out of your mouth? Are they a bouquet of flowers, or they are daggers? We create peace with the words we speak. While learning to speak peace, let’s not forget to breathe: All of us want the same thing. We want our world to come together and we want peace.  We all want the same thing.  We want an end to all the fighting and we an end to all the suffering. We are sad. Our world is sad. This is not what we want. What to do? Return to yourself day after day. Day after day. Keep turning towards yourself. Day after day. The world needs you to know yourself. The world needs you to speak peace, to think better feeling thoughts, and to keep breathing. The world needs you to heal. She won’t heal until we have healed.  You know what you need. Trust me, you already know what you need. Stop talking. Stop thinking. Listen. And also, remember to breathe. Lay your anger down. Feel the grief instead, it’s softer. To see what needs to change, we have to see beyond what has been.  To transform what has not been working means we cannot just follow the patterns that have been activated lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. Break the karmic patterns NOW.  Let’s do it differently. Now is the time, let’s please do it differently. We all want the same thing: Love.  Life’s purpose is to love. Can you think of a better reason to be here?  Talk with your heart. Close your mouth. It will always say the same thing. Shut down the mind, it will always think the same way. Love, breathe, and love some more.  L   PS. Did you know that I have a Youtube channel? LaurelSolé   Do you follow me on Instagram? @laurelsole   Want a session? I am now fully remote. Feel free to book a session when needed.   Laurel Solé, LCSW