Something is knocking. Is it change?

Life presents us with hurdles. Problems and difficult encounters are impossible to avoid. Yet, these tough times in our lives also present the greatest opportunities for inner personal growth. Personal growth implies change. Change is not always easy. How do we learn to embrace change and widen into new horizons? Encountering and navigating difficult circumstances is usually painful. It is natural to try to remedy our pain by placing blame on something outside ourselves. Blame can be assigned to many things: our parents, our childhood, our partner, our boss, or to the injustice of life itself. We feel ‘done to’ or victimized and can even experience a certain righteousness in naming a perpetrator as the cause of our pain. But blame is a trap, convincing us that the problem lies outside of us. To ascribe blame to outer circumstances suggests that for us to feel better, someone or something outside of us must change. Blame further suggests that we are not involved in creating the circumstances of our lives. This is a limiting belief system, and one that keeps us from benefitting from the opportunity for new self- awareness. Another approach is to explore our pain and examine what is happening within us as a result of what is occurring outside of us. What kind of feelings, habits, fears, and beliefs are surfacing through the situation? Encountering difficulty in life can open doors to our inner processes, prompting us to examine ourselves and our belief systems. Through self- introspection we can shed outdated beliefs about ourselves. We can achieve new self-awareness and even gain new insights about the nature of life itself. We grow in both humility and gratitude when we learn to accept that every situation we encounter in life is part of our journey towards self-awareness. We do not live in a cold, mechanical, clockwork universe. The world is governed by a natural and supernatural wisdom. We participate in the ebb and flow of underlying wisdom and overriding intelligence that guides and moves the world along its course. Situations that appear limiting or thwart us are invitations to find a deeper relationship to ourselves and the inherent wisdom in life itself. As we come to realize that we are creators of our life choices, we also awaken to our inherent faculty of free will. Though the circumstances of our life are not always to our liking, we are inwardly free as to how we meet and transform our life situations. Conscious living demands that we let go of any form of victim mentality and grow into our new-found inner freedom. Freedom to choose what we do, what we say and what we think. Therapeutic life coaching allows you to keep moving in the direction that calls you forward, even when you feel most stuck. Loads of Love! L

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