How to Stay in Love with Your Partner

We all know that falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. Many of us expect the addictive, infatuating, high-inducing rush of excitement that we experience when we fall in love to last forever. However, that’s not always the case. Oftentimes, things begin to get stale at some point in our relationship. Eventually, that loving feeling tends to fade after a few years. In this blog post, we’ll share with you some principles that you need to apply to your relationship to make sure that love never goes away. They may not bring about a Hollywood romance but can ensure that your relationship lasts long. Fierce intimacy Most couples don’t tell each other the truth. They would tell their spouse that the project they are working on is almost done when it fact, it’s just beginning. They would tell their spouse that everything is fine, but the truth is that things are falling apart. More often than not, they do this because they are afraid to admit that they have failed. Every time you lie to your spouse, you are putting distance between the two of you. For every issue that hasn’t been dealt with, resentment grows. Go ahead and tell the truth to your wife. Yes, this may lead to conflict. But this gives you an opportunity to tackle the problem and fix it together. Work on yourself through the relationship Changing and growing as a couple, as well as individually, is the key to a strong and healthy relationship. It is important that you do your part to improve yourself. After all, isn’t it more exciting to fall in love with a better person everyday? But when one person makes an effort to improve himself/herself and other remains stagnant, the relationship may crumble eventually. In this case, you want to talk to your partner about any goals he/she may have and support him/her in achieving that goal. Discuss with your spouse how you would like your future life together to be. Embracing relationship jiu-jitsu When your partner lashes out at you, it can be tempting to throw hurtful words back at them. Keep in mind, though, that responding angrily to someone’s anger will only make the situation worse. This is how pain pattern gets passed on. What you want to do is to meet anger with sympathy or love. Greet grimaces with a smile. Let go of pride. You need to remember that the person you’re interacting with is not the enemy, that person is someone you love. Learn more about my couples therapy sessions and how I can help your relationship last.