Tame Our Trauma with Love

When we project of our deep fears onto our future we get stuck in a loop of negative experiences- we are letting our trauma drive the car. And when we let trauma drive the car we put ourselves into a chronic overly reactive state of stress. Our authentic self gives way to our default trauma response and we abandon our best intentions to stay calm, respond kindly, quiet our anger or do ‘things differently this time’.

Over time as we connect with our spirit and find our way back to our heart we begin to override this reactive state. We burst out of a deep, inky sea of heavy and painful repetition into the vast light of our being where we feel anything is possible. In this state we can use our fear as a guide for what we need to let go of and heal. Use you what you fear as a guide or see it as a survival instinct showing you an opportunity to release unnecessary pain rather then a genuine indicator of a reality that may or may not come into existence.

For months now I’ve struggled with a health issue that needs attending. I am scared. I am fearful of the possible outcomes of course. In my thoughts and due to my trauma response, the outcome is dark. But what truly is the point of that rumination? Better to let the pain in my body steer me to make the doctor appointment, see the specialists, have the scans and take the necessary steps. My fears of what will be in my future will not prevent, heal, or make whatever is happening to my body, not happen.

Onwards and upwards. Fight the dragons with courage. Tame our trauma with love.

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Be Well!