The Effects of Trauma on a Relationship

Do you have unresolved trauma that's affecting your relationships? Are you looking for ways to help and not hurt, reach out for help, or know when to let go? Then this podcast is for you! I was invited to be a guest on The Healing Place Podcast, hosted by Brianna Headon, the pastor of United In Christ Ministry. Breanna is the owner of OverComers Soul Care and Life Coaching, and we will be discussing the effects of trauma within relationships. I’ll provide helpful insight on how to work through your trauma and heal from it so that it doesn't continue to negatively impact your current relationships. What can you learn from our discussion? You will gain a greater understanding of how unresolved trauma can affect your own sense of self and place in the world. I will also explain how these unresolved traumas can be carried into our current relationships, as well as provide tips on how to better manage them. My advice will be especially useful for those who are looking for ways to help and not hurt, reach out for help, or know when to let go. Watch our conversation to start taking steps toward resolving any unresolved trauma so that you can begin building healthier relationships with others.
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What we cover:

1:54 Why relationships fail
4:30 How childhood triggers affect your future relationship
6:50 Who needs to change? Him or her?
10:42 Why your friends abandon you during a bad breakup
16:27 What to do when your partner won't get help
19:27 Let's talk about debilitating co-dependency!
24:56 What should be a deal-breaker when entering a new relationship?
30:45 Giving yourself permission to question the relationship
41:36 How to help a friend who is spiraling
46:00 What do say in a relationship that actually helps someone experiencing a trauma response

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